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In September of 2010 my husband and I got married at the Russian River (Sonoma County, CA), and we hired Joe Pizzio as our DJ. 

Because Joe was a friend, I knew he moonlighted as a DJ and I had seen his unbelievably vast LP collection which took up an entire room in his home!  At picnics & pool parties, Joe would come prepared with a music playlist on his stereo/iPod/music device.  Joe could recite music trivia at length...and he could identify a song's title by listening to only a few notes.  So I trusted Joe to handle the music on the most important day of my life. 

I explained to Joe that my husband-to-be and I had chosen the Bee Gees' "More Than a Woman" to be our first dance.  Beyond that, I only knew a handful of songs that I wanted Joe to play.  As a stressed-out bride, I asked Joe if he would be able to manage the details...I didn't have time to think about the music.  

My only instructions to Joe were: (1) do not play the Chicken Dance, (2) do not play the Macarena, and (3) keep the party going.  Above all else, I wanted our wedding reception to be memorable...and I wanted guests to have fun and to dance.  (I even made certain to select a certain size dance floor to ensure the best party atmosphere).  Joe promised to bring all genres of music but after our first dance, he would test the waters with some more disco. 

Incredibly...this was the best decision!  My younger friends (in their 30's) as well as my older guests (50's-60's) all got on the dance floor and did not stop dancing until it was time to leave! 

Of course Joe did not exclusively play disco...he played down-tempo while guests were being seated for dinner, he played Sinatra for the father-daughter dance, and he played current dance music, as well.  He also took requests from guests.  When a friend actually requested the two dreadful songs on my do-not-play list, Joe politely informed her that the bride specifically asked that those songs not be played.  When another guest requested a song that was not downloaded on his computer, Joe immediately downloaded the song from iTunes right then & there and played the song. 

The reception went so well that at the end of the night, I asked Joe if I could hire him an additional few hours to deejay the after party. Joe happily obliged and quickly relocated his equipment to a separate venue on the property.  One of the highlights of the after party was when Joe played Beyoncé’s "Single Ladies" as a small contingent of my lovely gay friends performed the choreography from the video. 

Hiring Joe as my DJ was part of what made my wedding day so special.  Everyone had a blast.  To this day, guests still remind me how much fun they had at the reception.  Joe Pizzio comes with my highest recommendation. 

Warm regards, 

~Kristi Dixon 

Kristi's Letter of Recommendation

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